Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Expand! 4

A recent investment will start to pay off handsomely; continue to look for new ways to enhance your wealth under today's enterprising Leo Moon.

There's really nothing you can't expand upon, from your job to your home life to your social activities. The question is if you're ready for the added responsibilities this will all entail. If you are, go for it. If you're not, put the brakes on. Now.

I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to enhance my wealth, with or without the Leo Moon. Though thanks for getting involved. And today I'm heading in to expand my job -- I am READY for the added responsibilities. I've done my prep work, my family is nearly self-sufficient and I can Make It Work!

Did my part, Horoscope. Though now I'm obsessing over whether I did a good enough job....of course. Some news sooner than later would be nice.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Financial Gains, Please 5

New information could shift your perspective on a situation, which will make it easier to make an important decision.

Your dedication to a professional cause will bring financial and emotional gains.

You may feel wildly out of place at first, but you will begin to see the beauty, importance, and respect you hold by standing out from the crowd.

I would like to make an important decision about financial gains: I've decided I'd like more of them.

Not so sure about yesterday. Had a job interview. Think it went well. It could be the start of all the stuff. If so, well played Horoscope.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Who's Watching? 7

Your audience will give you their complete attention.

The Cancer Moon could change your direction more than once today.

Great, I'll have an audience for my struggles with direction. And who, exactly, is my "audience?" I generally like to get through my days drawing as little attention to myself as possible.

I think I did get the complete attention I was looking for yesterday and should know soon enough whether or not it payed off. Job interview today (requested it yesterday). Fingers crossed.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jump In 1

Live in the moment and cast your troubles to the wind. Accept an unexpected invitation to socialize with new people; it will expand your awareness and provide you with important connections for the future.

Jump directly into the fray without any extra thought and let intuition be your guide.

This looks like another "remain flexible" day to me. Are you just looking for new and creative ways to tell me to loosen up, Horoscope?

No unexpected invitations of any kind. No fray to jump into. Just very thankful for my hairdresser who fit me in at the last minute.